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Module 1 - Intro to WEPP (Zip File: 23.5MB)

Module 2 - Intro to PRISM (Zip File: 32.2MB)

Module 3 - Lecture: Intro to GeoWEPP (Zip File: 993MB!!!) - Will upload this later.

Module 4 - Preparing your DEM for GeoWEPP; Installing and setting up GeoWEPP (Zip File: 39.9MB)

Module 5 - Intro to GeoWEPP (Zip File: 71.7MB)

Module 6 - WEPP Roads (Zip File: 30.8MB)

Module 7 - Managements in WEPP; Preparing your Landuse Data for GeoWEPP (Zip File: 48.9MB)

Module 8 - Soils in WEPP; Preparing your Soil Data for GeoWEPP  (Zip File: 24.5MB)

Module 9 - GeoWEPP-BAER (Zip File: 95.5MB)

Module 10 - From Initial Problem to Complete Analysis; Summary of all that you have learned from Modules 1 to 9