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M.S./M.A. Students

(Please note that Chris Renschler was (*) not the main research advisor or (**) not on the student’s committee.)

2013 MS Brian Clarkson (UB)

2013 MS Meng Lu (UB; now: PhD student at University of Muenster, Muenster, Germany)

2012 MS Zhihao Wang (UB; now: Environmental Scientist at ARCADIS, Syracuse, NY)

2012 MA Fang Li (UB; now: ESRI Redlands)

2012 MA Ryan Mendieta (UB; now: Geared North, Buffalo, NY)

2012 MA Weyi Chen (UB; unknown)

2011 MS Emmanuelle Ameroso (UB; now United States Military Academy, West Point, NY)

2011 MA Jiue-An “Jay” Yang (UB; now: PhD student at San Diego State University/University of California Santa Barbara)

2011 MA Heidi Perry (UB; now: Ecology & Environment, Depew, NY)

2010 MA Phillip Evans (UB; now: Ecology & Environment, Depew, NY)

2010 MA Heather Collins (UB)

2009 MA Haifeng Yu (UB)

2008 MA Daniel Sheehan (UB)

2007 MA Vijay Sambandhan Loganathan (UB)

2006 MA Minkowski, Martin (UB)

2006 MA Suzanne Roussie (UB)

2006 MA G. Allen Hoerle (UB)

2005 MA Matthew S. Malinowski (UB)

2005 MA Jennifer Mussell (UB)

2005 MA Marissa Harvey (UB)

2002 MA Marc Stephan Koopman (UB)

2001* MS Nick Jockay (Purdue University)

2004** MA Tom Stieve (UB)


Interested in becoming a LESAM lab member?

Contact the LESAM director and:

Allison Leet, MS 2019

Benjamin Bidell, Ph.D. Student

Benjamin Bidell is a part-time Ph.D. student in the University at Buffalo Department of Geography.  He is also a full-time Senior Planner in the Niagara County Department of Economic Development, a member of the American Planning Association, and a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners.   Benjamin uses his background in urban and …

Brian Clarkson, MS 2013

M.S. Earth Systems Science student B.A. in Mathematics email:

Patrick Braun, MA 2014

MA student graduated in 2014

Martin Minkowski, Ph.D.

Overview My research primarily focuses on providing those researchers, scientists, and decision makers outside the GIS domain with geo-spatial tools to augment their own work with the need to learn a new domain science. Most of my work has centered on the further development of GeoWEPP – the Geo-spatial interface for the Water Erosion Prediction …

Shengnan Gu, MS 2013

MS student since Fall 2011

2013 MS Meng Lu

My skills include programming in using C++, Matlab and R (Now I use R more often than matlab). I have some hands on experience in ArcGIS and ENVI or Erdas. My undergraduate study was  Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and GIS. I used to focus on Photogrammetry and GPS survey. I did some of programming works in data …

Manita Choudhary, Ph.D. Student

PhD student, University at Buffalo, LESAM Member since Fall 2012

Ryan Mendieta

Ryan Mendieta

My research focuses on the spatial aspects of social media. I am interested in the way location is collected, stored, and reported on mobile devices. My goal is to use this information to aid in emergency response and planning for extreme natural events.

Zachary Robitaille,MA 2013

MA student since Fall 2011

Giuseppe Scura

Student, Visiting Research Student Civil Engineering, Polytechnic of Turin Topic: Resilience of Structures

Yuming Zou

Zhihao Wang, M.S, B.E

Email: Phone: 716-533-2506   Zhihao Wang   Master of Science, University at Buffalo-State University of New York. 2010.9 – 2012.6 Bachelor of Engineering, Tongji University. 2006.9 – 2010.6   My research interests are mainly Environmental Modeling with GIS, Extreme Events Response, and Spatial Analysis. Currently I’m working on flood modeling with multi-source data. I …

Jin Zhang, MA 2014

MA student since Fall 2012

Natalie Lui, MA 2014

MS student since Fall 2012

Jae Young Park

M.S. student