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Christoph Stasch, Ph.D. Student

Christoph Stasch is a visiting PhD student from the Institute for Geoinformatics at University of Muenster, Germany. His research interests are:

  • Spatio-temporal Modeling and Aggregation
  • (Semantic) Sensor Web and Model Web

He is currently working in the UncertWeb project, an European Commission funded research project on uncertainties in the Model Web and an associate member of the International Research Training Group on Semantic Integration of Geographic Information.

Christoph is also an active member of the technical committee of the Open Geospatial Consortium and has been chairing the Sensor Observation Service working group as Co-Chair and contributed to other specifications for the Sensor Web.

During his stay in Buffalo, Christoph will collaborate with members from the LESAM lab on integrating OGC services with uncertainties with the tools developed in the LESAM lab. More information about Christoph can be found on his webpage.