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Haoyi (Fenix) Xiong

Current – PhD Student at the University of Iowa


I’m a MS student since Fall 2012, expected to graduate at June 2014. I am GeoWEPP ArcGIS 10.1 leading developer, skilled and active in searching interns or jobs in programming or GIS modeling fields.

GeoWEPP (created by Dr. Renschler) is a GIS analysis tool which is quite useful in environmental conservation fields. It can quantify the soil loss, surface water runoff and many other variables. GeoWEPP can test if a vegetation buffer strip is effective enough by quantifying reduced soil loss for users (such as Green Infrastructure). It can also tell transportation infrastructure manager to determine how large a culvert should be built by quantifying maximum discharge rate for a extreme event.


My resume is attached: Resume


Nov.13th, 2013, NYGeoCon Presentation at Saratoga Springs: 1. GeoWEPP I, II & III; 2. Student Lighten Session

Oct. 24th, 2013, Homeland Security Presentation at Niagara County