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Jorge V. Bajo Sanchez, Ph.D. Candidate

Izalco Volcano's CraterI am a PhD. Candidate in the Geography Department at the State University of New York at Buffalo. My research focuses on the use of Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing to reduce vulnerability and risk of volcanic hazards.

My research consist on working with communities on the Ilamatepec (Santa Ana) Volcano, El Salvador and government agencies to enhance communication of volcanic hazards and to help with volcanic risk reduction.

I am also part of the VHub development team which “is an online resource for collaboration in volcanology research and risk mitigation.” I am also a development member of GeoProMT “a Web-based tool for management of shared geo-spatial and multi-temporal data such as GIS data and remotely sensed images”, and Bent “A theoretical model of a volcanic plume, based on applying the equations of motion in a plume-centered coordinate system, suggests that the interaction between a volcanic plume and wind causes enhanced entrainment of air and horizontal momentum, plume bending, and a decrease in plume rise height at constant eruption rate.”

For more information on my projects and research visit: