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Climate Vulnerability Assessment (CVA) for Erie County, NY

Here a presentation by Jonathan Townsend on the CVA Project with Erie County. For other information and products go to the Erie County Climate Resilience Webpage. – Organizing Urban Transects for a Sustainable Transformation of Economic PartnershipS

PEOPLES & NATIVES – Engaging with the Seneca Nation

The Geo-spatial interface for the Water Erosion Prediction Project (GeoWEPP)

Geospatial Project Management Tool (GeoProMT) v1.0

GeoProMT is an educational platform for undergraduate and graduate students primarily in Geography, Geology, Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Planning or Environmental Studies, Business Administration and Management Science, and Law to share information and learn how to manage data and modeling tools effectively to support the integrated analyses and assessment of environmental processes to support decision-making.