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BLM – WEPP/GeoWEPP Distance Learning Modules


Principal Investigator
Chris S. Renschler

U.S. Dept. of Interior – Bureau of Land Management

Bill Ypsilantis, Soil Scientist (U.S. Dept. of Interior – Bureau of Land Management)
Jim Fogg, Hydrologist (U.S. Dept. of Interior – Bureau of Land Management)
John Laflen, Agricultural Engineer (retired U.S. Dept. of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service)

Research Assistant
Martin Minkowski

Over the past six years (2003-2008), the Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP)/Geospatial interface for WEPP (GeoWEPP) was successfully taught to federal employees as part of the annual training course 7000-14 at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) National Training Center in Phoenix. WEPP is a continuous, daily simulation model for predicting soil erosion, runoff and sediment yields on hillslopes and watersheds. Based on outreach activities and continuous improvement through research grants (e.g. the Interagency Joint Fire Science Program – JFSP), GeoWEPP has established a reputation as a powerful prediction tool for practitioners in the soil and water conservation community across numerous agencies.

The project team develops a series of on-line distance learning modules for the BLM National Training Center that will be offered through the DOI LEARN Course Catalog. The series will be designed as a follow up to the already existing WEPP module offered through DOI LEARN and the one currently under development (WEPP Land Cover). The newly proposed hands-on modules will be based on revised materials that have been developed over the past years on these key topics: a) WEPP – A Hands-on Introductory Exercise, b) WEPP – How to prepare the Weather/Climate Input, c) GeoWEPP – An Introduction, d) GeoWEPP – A Hands-on Introductory Exercise, e) GeoWEPP – How to prepare your GIS Data (DEM, Land Use/Land Cover, and Soils), and f) GeoWEPP for Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Teams. The on-line material will also include a copy of a complete tutorial and software downloads. Security scans and the Version Description Document (VDD) have been completed for WEPP and GeoWEPP and showed no security issues with either product.

For more details on past on-site workshops and materials have a look at the BLM-NTC webpage or the GeoWEPP homepage.

To access the BLM GeoWEPP training modules, click here.