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Flood modeling of Schoharie Creek (North Blenheim - Breakabeen) Aug 28, 2011

Above is an animation of the flood event on Aug 28, 2011 in North Blenheim.

In August 2011, Hurricane Irene swept through a large portion of eastern New York State, leaving many communities in shambles and hundreds of people homeless.

One of the crucial aspects of flood modeling is determining a flood’s return period (i.e., 100 yr, 200 yr or 500 yr flood). The purpose of this research is to model the flood inundation and determine the return period of the flooding associated with Hurricane Irene along Schoharie Creek using a HEC-RAS model, within ArcGIS.

Multiple sources of data were used for this project including: National Elevation Dataset (NED), LiDAR data and aerial imagery from RIT and Kucera International, Inc., National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD), and USGS gauging station data are incorporated as inputs. The model results are validated and paired with aerial imagery and previously generated FEMA flood extent scenarios.

Results show that this event was at least a 500-year flood.