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NOAA Community Resilience Index

Principal Investigator
Chris S. Renschler, LESAM

U.S. Dept. of Commerce – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Coastal Services Center, Charleston, SC

Ronald T. Eguchi, ImageCat Inc.
Stephanie Chang, University of British Columbia
John C. Pine, Appalachian State University
Scott Miles, Western Washington University
Beverley Adams, ImageCat Inc.
Adam Rose, University of Southern California

Research Assistant
Graham Hayes, Amy Frazier, Suzanne Roussie, Yan Yang

This report describes the development and recommended implementation of an integrated Community Resilience Index (CRI) that includes quantifying the status, exposure and recovery of physical, economic, socio-cultural, and ecological capital for communities along the coastal regions of the US portion of the Gulf of Mexico.  To evaluate this holistic approach, an interdisciplinary project team developed and applied a conceptual framework, a modeling prototype and an implementation strategy for coastal communities in four parishes in Southwestern Louisiana that are recovering from the impact of Hurricane Rita (landfall September 24, 2005).  The primary goal of this project was to develop: a) a conceptual framework for measuring, assessing, and monitoring a CRI, b) a quantifiable CRI toolkit prototype that integrates quantitative and qualitative methods using spatial and non-spatial data to identify scientifically defensible indicators for community resilience, and c) an implementation strategy that enables local and regional stakeholders to continuously monitor and enhance their resilience against episodic and slow-onset coastal hazards (e.g. hurricanes and sea level rise, respectively).

Other information on the project:

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