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Alejandro Llaves, Ph.D. Student

PhD student, University of Muenster

Jonathan Goergen, Ph.D. Student

PhD, University of Iowa

Benjamin Bidell, Ph.D. Student

Benjamin Bidell is a part-time Ph.D. student in the University at Buffalo Department of Geography.  He is also a full-time Senior Planner in the Niagara County Department of Economic Development, a member of the American Planning Association, and a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners.   Benjamin uses his background in urban and …

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Jin Zhang, MA 2014

MA student since Fall 2012

Haoyi (Fenix) Xiong

Current – PhD Student at the University of Iowa (Archive) I’m a MS student since Fall 2012, expected to graduate at June 2014. I am GeoWEPP ArcGIS 10.1 leading developer, skilled and active in searching interns or jobs in programming or GIS modeling fields. GeoWEPP (created by Dr. Renschler) is a GIS analysis tool which …

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Yanjia Cao

Current – PhD Student at the University of Maryland. (Archive) I am a Master student in University at Buffalo-State University of New York since Fall 2012, expected to graduate in June 2014. My research interest is spatial and temporal analysis, exposure event, and community resilience. I would be a PhD Student in University of Iowa from …

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Patrick Braun, MA 2014

MA student graduated in 2014

Shengnan Gu, MS 2013

MS student since Fall 2011

Zachary Robitaille,MA 2013

MA student since Fall 2011

Natalie Lui, MA 2014

MS student since Fall 2012