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GeoWEPP for ArcGIS 10.1 Version Released

GeoWEPP for ArcGIS 10.1 Version is released in October 2013. To download the latest version, please go to and request download password. User manual and training materials including videos will be available soon!

Cattaraugus Creek Watershed Strategy: Soil and Water Assessment Tool

LESAM team members set up the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) simulation runs to illustrate the challenges, opportunities, and limitations of basin-scale soil and water decision-support tools.

Geospatial Project Management Tool (GeoProMT) v1.0

GeoProMT is an educational platform for undergraduate and graduate students primarily in Geography, Geology, Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Planning or Environmental Studies, Business Administration and Management Science, and Law to share information and learn how to manage data and modeling tools effectively to support the integrated analyses and assessment of environmental processes to support decision-making.

IPLER responds to Hurricane Irene and Schoharie Creek Flood

On 8/28/2011 Eastern New York was heavily impacted by Hurricane Irene. Many areas were flooded, buildings destroyed, and travel became impossible.
About a week later, LESAM received permission to tour the area. Our interest was in mapping the extent of the damage and collecting ground truth data. Flood inundation area were modeled using HEC-RAS, and matched with aerial imagery as well as FEMA flood scenarios.

The Geo-spatial interface for the Water Erosion Prediction Project (GeoWEPP)

PEOPLES Resilience Framework

PEOPLES provides the basis for development of quantitative and qualitative models that measure continuously the functionality and resilience of communities against extreme events or disasters. Over the longer term, this framework will enable the development of geospatial and temporal decision-support tools that help planners and other key decision makers and stakeholders (